About Linda Newcombe

I am a visual artist based in Berkshire. My work straddles the areas of drawing, printmaking and illustration.
​I create child-like work for adult audiences using symbolic and folkloric figures, objects and settings that invite interpretation and construction of narrative. I seek interractions with viewers that would affect their reading in emotionally charged encounters reminiscent of a fantasy childhood. I am drawn to to create elements of delight and shock in equal measure.
I have created works and concept wordless books and make use of design, reader experience and paper properties in my personal work.
  • I was selected to take part in the digital lockdown project Breathworks at Modern Art Oxford in October 2020
  • I was selected to take part in a collaborative artists residency 12 Artists At Home for 3 months during lockdown which was Arts Council supported and Lottery funded
  • I was shortlisted for the 2020 Museums Northumberland Folklore Commission.
  • I was commissioned in 2019 to adapted my work for projection onto the wall of Reading Gaol in Oscar Wilde Walk for Reading Thames Festival in the event Art After Dark.
  • I was awarded Graphic Literature Prize by Falmouth University in 2018 for my Masters' project

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