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About Linda Newcombe

I am a visual artist based in Berkshire, UK. My work straddles the areas of printmaking, animation and illustration.
​I create child-like work using symbolic and folkloric figures, objects and settings that invite interpretation and construction of narrative. I create emotionally charged encounters reminiscent of a fantasy childhood and bygone era..
  • Received a DYCP grant from Arts Council England to develop my work in stop-motion animation (2021)
  • Commissioned to develop project work with The Museum of English Rural Life for '51 Voices' project (2021)
  • Selected to take part in the digital project Breathworks at Modern Art Oxford (2020)
  • Selected to take part in a residency '12 Artists At Home' which was Arts Council supported and Lottery funded
  • Shortlisted for the Museums Northumberland Folklore Commission (2020).
  • Commissioned to adapted work for projection onto the wall of Reading Gaol in Oscar Wilde Walk for Reading Thames Festival in the event Art After Dark. (2019)
  • Micro Residency - Books that Dont Speak - University of Reading (2019)
  • Awarded Graphic Literature Prize by Falmouth University (2018)
  • Awarded Distinction for Masters Degree, Authorial Illustration (2018)
Works include commissions, concept books and short animation projects.
I teach printmaking and illustration in Berkshire and London


Scroll down for stopmotion animations

Scroll down for videos of my other work

Translucen Book Video
Projection onto Reading Gaol

The Story of a Wish Told in Pictures is a 15 page wordless book. It was commissioned by to be adapted for an Arts Festival and projected ont the wall of Reading Gaol, the site of Oscar Wilde's incarceration and now a Banksy site for Art After Dark.

Printmaking Tutorials
Pritmaking tutorial 1
Printmaking tuorial 2 (part 1)
Printmaking tutorial 2 (part 2)
Printmaking Tutorial 2 (part 3)
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