About Linda Newcombe Illustrator

I am a freelance conceptual illustrator based near London.

I am interested in working in publications that are focussed  around the topics of mental and physical wellbeing, lifestyle, mindfulness, mind/body/spirit, yoga, meditation and emotional balance / imbalance, spirituality, and rest & relaxation.


I am also interested in environment, home & garden, comfort, and can illustrate issues that promote or disturb the equilibrium.


I am compitent with literal narratives as well as abstract ideas and complex notions.

I specialise in creating beguiling symbolic figures, objects and settings that work in a charming way to bring intelligent interpretation to the text, affecting the readership in emotionally and adding metaphorical meaning.

I have illustrated my own wordless books and make use of design and paper properties in my personal work.

I wasawarded Graphic Literature Prize in 2018 by Falmouth University and shortlisted for the Museums Northumberland Folklore commission in Spring 2019.

My second book project was commissioned to be adapted for projection onto Reading Gaol as part of Reading Thames Festival in Autumn 2019.



A Curious Tale Told in Symbols


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